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Photo Cv Samples

Photo Cv Samples are abbreviations of Curriculum Vitae, which is an English word CV. Or it is a description that people who are looking for a resume transfer skills, experiences, educational status and work experience to introduce themselves to the employer and to provide detailed information. With the help of Cv, the employer evaluates the suitability of the existing jobs with the help of Cv before the interview. It gives preliminary information about the person before being invited to see.

What should a CV contain ?:

1-Personal information name, surname, date of birth, place of birth, address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

2-Education status Backwards education information should be written, especially the school where you last graduated (or continued).

3-Work experiences In this section, it should be listed backwards starting from the last studied section. It is also very important to have a job description in which organization, in what position and in which dates it is working and its job. With the explanations in this section, the employer decides whether the candidate is suitable for the job.

4-Qualifications How well equipped the candidate stands out, Foreign language, courses and seminars, points such as awards received should be written here. This section is the part of the employer to distinguish what the candidate applied for the job for his personal development and his openness to education.

5-Social Activities It is the section where you can share the differences that will show that the candidate is a suitable person for team work. Basketball, travel, camping are examples.

You can find the Cv examples we have prepared for you below, you can choose what you want and make a good Cv by making changes as you wish.

Photo Cv Samples
Photo Cv Samples

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