Petition Example

The petition is a letter that was written to report a request to an authority. The right of every person to petition is a legal opportunity.

What is a Petition?

We found the answer to the question in the most obvious form above. Let’s look at other questions about the petition, respectively.
How to Write a Petition?

The petition can be written by handwriting, typewriter or computer. It is important what you want from the institution that you will give while writing the petition. You should clearly state this in the petition. It can also be written by hand with a Blue or Black pen.


Petition Example

While writing the petition, you should write the name of the institution to which you will submit the petition. It should be located under the title in the district and province to which this institution is affiliated. Let’s examine the example title below.

First, we wrote the name of the institution, then we went to the next line and write the district and the city where the institution is located.

Petition Example Title Section

We can write the subject right below the title.

After writing the subject, he came to the content. What is the Content Section Petition? As we have stated in the definition, you should clarify your exposure to the authority you will give, and specify what you want.

Let’s examine the Petition Example.

When you examine the content part in the above Petition Example, the citizen who clearly stated that he wanted the animal to drop was the citizen who wrote the petition.


Finally, he completed his sentence by presenting his Need in the finishing part.


Petition Example Final Part

In the last part, address and contact information must be entered under the petition.

Let’s examine our petition example together.

After entering the address and signature section in the sections above, we can submit our petition to the authority we have specified.

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Petition Example
Petition Example