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CV Samples for New Graduates for 2021 Graduates

When new graduates start looking for a job, the first thing they should do is to prepare a good CV for themselves. For this, you can get help from Online CV Preparation sites.
Yes, it is annoying that when you are preparing a CV, you have to have a fresh graduate and have to prepare this to start a new job. But you can easily find a suitable template for you to solve this easily and simply. I’ll share a few templates for you. Download these templates to your computer and edit them in the word program.
You can use the link below for English CV Sample.

Download CV Sample Template

Download the template to your computer using the link at the top.

Do not put a capitalized title such as CV or Resume at the top of our CV. This is one of the most common mistakes.

Footnote: You can have a better CV by reading my article titled “Tips To Be Considered While Preparing CV” in order to get rid of many mistakes made while preparing a CV.
Example New Graduate We write our name on the upper part of our CV.

Personal Information

We are asked to make a brief introduction to the employer in this area. General information is included. Let’s make sure we fill in these sections correctly. We must write your gender, date of birth, marital status, driver’s license, military status.
Contact information

This section contains information on how to contact us. This is also very important. You must write the correct phone number, e-mail address, etc. Because when they will interview you online, they will contact you by e-mail. When they want to call and talk, they will get back to you by phone.

Career goal

This part is the section that will allow you to tell how much you want that job. In this section, you should specify a short, clear and impressive goal. Is it too complicated? Another option is to remove this section from your CV.


You must have a presentable picture on your CV. You should choose a picture in a tie, in a suit, in which your facial features are visible. Please do not include pre-shot pictures that we call selfies.

Education Information

This section should be short and clear. The last school you completed should be at the top. After your starting year and ending year, you should write the name of the school and, if any, your department.

Work experiences

This section is the most troublesome section for new graduates. You can write your internship information in this section. You should write the starting and ending dates and the information of the company you have done your internship with. If you have not done an internship, if you do not have anything to write, remove this section from the CV.
Course and Certificate Information

You can write the courses and seminiers you attended at the University in this section. If you need to pay attention while writing, you should write the last course you attended at the top and following this hierarchy. Write the date of the Course followed by the name of the Course.

Computer skills

You should write the programs that you actively use on the computer in this section.

Foreign Language Information

In this section, you should indicate the foreign languages ​​you know you use with their level. For example, English Speaking Good Writing Intermediate Comprehension Good.

Write down the hobbies you like to do in this section. Don’t exaggerate too much, though. Just write five.

Association and Club Memberships

You can remove this section if you want. But if there are clubs and associations that carry out social responsibility projects you participate in, it is useful to write.


In this section, you should write your reference contacts and contact information.

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