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CV samples are the greatest helpful resources when preparing a CV. Using examples while preparing a CV reminds you of forgotten issues and gives you ideas to visualize your own CV draft with the examined examples. You can get information about CV Drafts by downloading the blank or filled as an example CVs in our Download CV section as CV-Preparation. CV Samples are prepared in word file and are designed for one-click download. You can download the CV Samples to your computer by using the Download button under the CV draft you want to view.

If you want to download the CVs below to your computer as Word, you can download them with one click on our Download CV page.

Use our CV Download page to access Word Files of CV Samples. You can use our Prepare CV page to have your favorite CV format prepared for free.

Online CV builder, easy to use

Wide variety of CV templates

Unique, impressive CV in minutes

A downloadable CV available in PDF, TXT or Word

Quick easy formatting

CV Samples for New Graduates for 2021 Graduates

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