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The cover letter is your first chance to be noticed. You should adjust your cover letter according to the job offered to you.


The purpose of the Cover Letter is to ensure that the Recruitment specialist looks at your CV. Employers at this stage are looking for remarkable words to see if your resume is worth reading. That’s why you should add remarkable words. It is important that your cover letter is interesting.

Adding a cover letter to your resume will make you noticed and attract attention from dozens of job applicants by recruiting professionals. However, make sure your cover letter is customized for the job in question. The process of adapting your cover letter allows you to think about the job and really do it for you. indicates if it is the right job.


Explain why you are interested in this business. Explain why you want this job in a sentence.


Concentrate on two or three keywords from the job posting. It is useful to match your skills with a separate bullet point in each word, for example, if you are talking about your advertising skills, you can highlight this with a bullet. At this point, you can add your technical skills, marketing skills, connections, communication skills, but keep it short. For now, you will only get attention. Many people get stuck in writing a cover letter and cannot decide what to write so I want to give you an example.

Cover Letter Example 1

Your company…. You can find my information about the position and CV in the attachment. My Education Life has enabled me to have the necessary equipment for the position you have specified. During my education, I researched, I gained motivation and entrepreneurship, I trained myself with many talents. As I mentioned in CV, I prepared for business life with my education and research. I think that it is very important to be very fast in business life, how important it is to be self-sacrificing and enthusiastic. Thank you for reviewing my resume and cover letter. I hope to receive positive news from you. Yours truly..

Cover Letter Example 1
Cover Letter Example 1