Computing CV Example

Contributing to the creation of an information technology hardware park, the provision of software, physical installation of information technology systems, the basic configuration of network hardware and server systems, configuring personal computer systems and peripherals, changing hardware and network structures, repairing and maintaining problems, and in-house users. is a qualified person who provides information technology support and conducts professional development studies.

You need to get an associate degree training for IT personnel.

Titles that can be taken in the profession

Technicians, Technicians and assistant professors

Information and Communication Technicians

Information and Communication Technologies Operation and User Support Technicians

Computer Network and System Technicians

Computing CV Example
Computing CV Example

Features of the Profession

Data Processing Support Staff; In accordance with the general working principles of the enterprise, by using various tools and equipment efficiently, in accordance with worker health, occupational safety and environmental protection regulations and the efficiency and quality requirements of the profession;

To apply occupational health and safety, fire and emergency rules,

Carrying out activities related to the quality management system,

To make business organization,

It provides the identification of faults that may arise in computer or network systems. Sufficient electrical and electronic knowledge, network and computer knowledge should be able to use these procedures, and use internet and office programs,

To support the establishment of an information technology hardware park and the supply of software,

Providing technical support to information technology hardware and software purchases,

To perform the receipt of the information technology equipment and software purchased,

To perform periodic follow-ups related to the hardware and software in the enterprise’s inventory,

Physical installation of information technology systems,

To realize physical installations of information technology equipment,

Contributing to the configuration of network hardware and server systems,

To install server operating systems,

To ensure wireless network security,

Configuring the directory service,

Configuring other network services that will work on servers,

Provides computer systems and initial operation and the configuration of peripherals,

Installing the operating system and hardware drivers,

Configuring the peripherals to be shared,

Maintaining information technology systems,

To provide the exchange of information technology equipment and network structures,

Troubleshoot information technology systems,

Providing information technology support to business users,

Carrying out activities related to professional development,

to perform such tasks and operations.