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Cabin Crew Cv Example

Cabin Crew Cv Example
Cabin Crew Cv Example

Cabin Crew Cv Example, Below you can find the cv sample we prepared for you.DutiesHe attends the meeting held before the aircraft moves and reads the instruction, checks whether the inside of the aircraft is clean. It tests the right, left and back security measures, helps passengers to settle on the plane. It shows interest to the patients or elderly passengers who need special support. provides food services, prepares landings and ensures safe landing of passengers. Materials used Different food and beverage catering supplies, catering car.

Specifications required by the CAREER

People who want to be cabin crew should be careful and careful about a lot of things. They should be the ones who can apply the rules and like to serve people, help people in need, who can stand up for a long time and maintain their body balance in difficult conditions. they must be people. Working conditions and environment Cabin crew works at the airport or inside the aircraft.

The working environment is clean. It is noisy, pressure changes, jerky, closed and narrow. It interacts with constantly changing people in the working environment. Working hours of cabin crews can be very variable. They can work day, night, and weekend. They can also keep a watch on holidays. Cabin crew is a profession that allows you to meet new people and to travel to new places.


workspaces and job opportunities can work in Turkish Airlines or other private airline companies, mostly in flight missions, or in rare cases in ground services.Business training areas There is no educational institution in itself for vocational education. Airline companies mostly provide education within the scope of in-service learning. In Turkish airlines, the training of the profession is given under the name of cabin crew basic education program.Duration and content of the training A six-week training is organized for cabin crew candidates within the scope of the training program for cabin crews on Turkish airlines.

In this training, cabin crew is given duties such as duties and responsibilities, food service, planes based on their types. Flight theory, meteorology, aviation english, first aid, human relations, safe flight, announcement, diction.Progress in the professionThose who have worked for at least 5 years in the profession, who are experienced and have the desired qualifications can be supervisors (audit hostess, etc.). They can work as teachers in cabin crew training.


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