Administrative Assistant Cv Example

You must have at least a high school diploma to apply for administrative assistant. Skilled administrative assistants are masters of multitasking, discretion and time management.

You should prepare samples of these features in the best possible way to show your CV as well. Common skills for the administrative assistant The more skills a candidate has, the less it will be trained and can contribute to the company faster. For this reason, employers attach importance and draw attention to job applicants with the right skills.

Below you will find the best skills skills required to fulfill an administrative position.When it comes to including these skills in your resume, you can add additional skills to your department or include them as a bullet in your professional experience department.

Reach Your Career Goal

The Career Goal should be designed to allow the recruitment manager to continue reading your resume. In the example below, the candidate was successful with the Career Goal for the following reasons: It tells how long he has been an administrative assistant and the basic tasks he has performed. It lists the bachelor’s degree and its expertise in related software (Microsoft Excel). It tells the hiring manager which job he wants to go and why he makes a good choice.


Specify Your Professional Experience

Support your explanations on your Career Goal with examples from your professional experience, list them in bullet form. Below we have selected the three most powerful items in the sample resume you should consider. We also showed the strongest parts of each item point: New filing and organizational applications have been developed, which save the company 6,000 $ a year as labor costs. The bullet above proves that the candidate is a skilled, competent and motivated worker. He took the initiative to create a new organizational policy and saved the company’s money. This makes it a strong candidate for the job.

Trained administrative assistant to ensure company policy compliance and attention to detail during the company’s expansion. As shown above, it also demonstrates the ability and confidence to train new employees and at the same time proves that it is trusted by management to perform sensitive tasks.

Prepared for documents you write such as correspondence, drafts, notes and emails and 4 weekly report management Here, the candidate has measured the amount of weekly reports he has made and explains to the recruitment expert strongly, preparing the report shows that he is an efficient employee who can process the data quickly and manage time significantly.